From the dark locks of that moon-like beauty,

The (morning) breeze carried forth a sweet smell to (regale) the humble ones.


What am I but beggar pleading at the door, destitute and short of reach?

How can I ever hope to attain redolent extravagance and the long tales (of fame and eminence)?


It is Though that hast exalted this insignificant particle-like being to the sky (through Thy grace);

How can this humble being thank Thee enough (for Thy bounty), O Gracious Master!


The superiority of Mehmood (of Ghazni) does not need the humbleness of Ayaz (his slave, in order to prove itself);

The purpose of Ayaz (in expressing his humility) is nothing but to pay his respects (to his gracious master);


I am indebted to the cup-bearer, who pours a drought (of the wine of love) in my mouth from the cup of the beauties of Hijaz.


In the assembly of the vendors of wine, the goods offered for sale by the avaricious worshiper do not get any buyer, what his Hajj, fasting, and prayers.


I harbour (many) hidden secrets imparted to me by the master of the tavern;

God save me from the self-righteous worshiper, who has no access to the real secrets (of truth).


Although Thy Beauty stands in no need of the love of others, I am not one to desist from my faith (in Thy greatness and sovereignty and Thy love).  

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