The wine of (Allah's) Unity was bestowed (as a favour) upon those who were intoxicated by the memory of 'alast' (Am I not?)

[The reference here is to the Covenant mentioned in Ayah 172 of Surah VII of the Holy Quran, according to which Allah brought forth the posterity of the children of Adam from their backs on the Day of Creation and made them testify about themselves, saying: "Am I not your Lord?" They said: "Yea (Thou Art)! We testify].


When I started reeling about in intoxication, my rivals appropriated this intoxication from me.


The Image of Truth (i.e., God) appeared in the world of 'imkaan', i.e., "Possibility"; The universe was brought into submission through that Image.


With the love of Him except Whom none else exists (in real terms), Were the beginning and the end (of the universe) signaled.  

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