Even though I have blackened my record through my sins, I look towards the mercy of my All-For-giving Creator (for my forgiveness).


Although people have accused me of blasphemy, written and oral, God forbid that I harbour any feelings against them except those of forgiveness, (and forbearance)


Ever since I crossed the path of those who look towards God (in all their affairs),

I have become disenchanted with creed of self-centeredness and self-adoration.


I have fled away from everything except Him (i.e., Allah), and I have heart that is enamoured (of Him only);

(In this manner), I am both "unconscious" as well as "conscious", "unoccupied" as well as "occupied".


Ever since the Cup Bearer poured the wine (of God's love) down my palate,

I have been whirling round intoxicated and tipsy (with that wine).


Sovereignty belongs to Him Alone who is All-Powerful; I exist only in name

Because of proximity to Allah, my affair has exceeded all limits.


What do you wish to know about my spiritual chain (or school?) 

The fact is that I am enamoured of that "Charging lion", Syedna Ali (R.A).

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