Even though we are submerged in the ocean of sins, we keep reciting "La Taqnatu" (Do not despair) 


[Note: The reference here is to the Quranic Ayah: "Say (O Prophet!); O my slaves who have been prodigal to their own hurt; despair not of the mercy of Allah; Varily, Allah forgives all sins. Lo! He is the Forgiving, the Merciful. 

(XXXIX - 53)]


Approve of us (despite all our faults), as it behoves Thy Exalted (and forgiving) Self, even if we do not deserve to be in thy high court.


It has been ages since we have been laying our forehead humbly before Thee, in order to meet Thee.


If Thy mercy were not to hold our hand (to help and to shower Thy blessings on us), we would remain in ignominy till Eternity.


Our reason and intellect are unable to comprehend even thy Attributes;

How can we then ever hope to fathom Thy Essence and Reality?


We are like crippled ants, feeble and agitated;

However, if Thou lookest upon us (with mercy) we shall become (strong and happy) like Solomon (the Prophet and King).


O our Master! Have mercy on this feeble (bunch of bones); At thy door, we cry out (for help to) Allah. 


Wert Thou not to guide us in (our efforts to seek) union with Thee, We would remain blind as ever before.


I beg for the alms of Thy union;

For Allah's sake, bestow (charity) upon us, for   we are thy beggars.


With a longing heart, Meher-e-Ali cries out: "All we seek is union with Thee".



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