The messenger has brought the henna prepared from the blood of death;

This henna dates back to eternity (without beginning).


This henna belongs to Lady Fatima (R.A) (daughter of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and mother of Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A));

That is why it is unlike any other type of henna


It is made of the sacred blood of Hussain, the Martyr.


(Hussain, who was) the unique pearl of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) and Ali (R.A);

The treasure of Lady Fatima (R.A).


(Who), wearing the bracelet of the holy maternal grand father (i.e., the Prophet),

Set out towards the site of his martyrdom;


The earth and the skies shook,

And the Throne (of the Lord) also quavered (with horror).


The Prophet (P.B.U.H), Ali (R.A), and Fatima (R.A) - all called out:

"O son, Hussain! Come apace (to join us in Paradise)".


We yearn for thee moment by moment.


O Prince (Hussain)! The leaf of thy henna shrub is green.

The men of Kufa have joined hands to pounce upon thee.


Thus was it destined since eternity.


O Prince (Hussain)! The leaf of thy henna shrub is yellow.

(In the desperate situation that befell thee), thou consigned thy kith and kin to the care and protection of thy Lord (Allah).


Alas! The calamity Karbala over took thee.


O Prince (Hussain)! The colour of thy henna is enchanting;

The whole world mourns thee;


The entire creation wrings its hands in regret (over thy unjust and violent death).


O Prince (Hussain)! The colour of thy henna is red. 

The (Muslim) Ummah looks up to thee (as a model and an ideal);


The whole Ummah feels the pain of grief (over the distressing events of Karbala).


The henna comes from the beautiful garden (of the Prophet's household).

It belongs to the purified members of that household.


That is why it is unlike any other type of henna.


On the one hand, the innocent, thirsty children yearned for water, and were also subjected to a volley of arrows (by the enemy);

And on the other, Hussain (R.A) himself was attacked on all sides with the sword.


The Great Lord had willed it thus, and had predestined to grant thee (O Imam Hussain) the rank of a martyr;


Otherwise He had all power (to come to thy help in any other manner that He wished).


Glorified be thy Name, O Lord, and glorified by Thy (inscrutable) ways!

That the beautiful visage of Fatima's (beloved) son was made to mingle with dust (on the day of Karbala).


O Meher Ali Shah! This world is transient (and shall pass away).

Only the Great lord shall live on forever and ever;

Thy own existence, too, is momentary.

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