My heart has become enamoured of one (who is) unconcerned and indifferent (towards me);

No one dare complain or remonstrate (about this indifference);

May the Lord of Majesty shower His Blessings on him (i.e., the Holy Prophet P.B.U.H)!


I am trying to console my wailing eyes;

Forgetting all that I have read and written so far;

I am chanting the Name of the Beloved (i.e., Allah) only, 

With every vein and tissue of my body and with every breath of mine.


He who I yearn for has not paid a visit to me; 

(with the result that) I have not had any comfort even for a single moment;

(in this state of distress) Even a moment looks (to me) like a hundred years;

May the Lord of Majesty shower His Blessings on him (i.e., the Holy Prophet P.B.U.H)!


My handsome (beloved) has discarded me (and my love), 

And has forgotten the pledges of love made by him with me;

I am now fated to traverse the hot sands of Arabia (in search for him);


Deeply grieved to the core of my soul, 

And humbly beseeching him (for forgiveness), 

I am offering a thousand penances in order to mollify my estranged beloved.


I reminisce about his bewitching glance at me, 

About the journey through Arabia, 

And about what happened in the valley of Hamra;

O for that day of re-union (with the loved one)! 


I spend my whole day roaming around, 

Crying with the covered face and soaking my face with tears;

The night is spent in agony and sighing.


Roasted in fire like a kabob, 

And besotted even without drinking (a drop of) wine, 

I have lost all repose simply because of the havoc caused by those murderous bewitching eyes.


Sunk in sorrow and grief, 

And drunk in the remembrance of the beloved, 

I have been greatly distressed by the ravages of those black and curly hair (of the beloved).


(On the Day of Judgment) all apostles,

from Adam to Jesus Christ would cry out "Nafsi, Nafsi", 

While only of them i.e., Muhammad (P.B.U.H), the master of perfection would say "Ummati, Ummati",


O my Sustainer, my God, O the Eternal, the Absolute! Shower thy peace and blessings on the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H), 

On (his beloved daughter) Fatima (R.A), (her exalted spouse) Ali (R.A), 

And on (their two illustrious sons) Hassan (R.A) and Hussain (R.A), all of whom together are the refuge of the whole world.


O Meher Ali ! of no consequence that thou art, 

And with a heavy load of vice on thy head,

Thou darest aspire to cultivate love for the royalty (of the Prophet's house-hold).


One should never break the ties of love after cultivating them;

Should never disclose the (true) secrets of one's heart (to others);

Should moan secretly, while keeping an outward smile on one's face; 

And should meet every one with affection always. 

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