A Persian poem in honour of Hazrat Khwaja Shamsuddin Sialvi (R.A)

Hazrat once composed the 20 Persian verses reproduced below in honour of his Murshid, Khwaja Shamsuddin Sialvi (R.A), the central point of which is all his own achievements were rooted in the great spiritual light that his Murshid had infused into him through his company and training.




The resplendent "shams" (which literally "The Sun") is a portion of the Absolute Light (of Allah); 

i.e., the light that pervades the entire universe.


That Sun has become secreted in a particle of dust (i.e., Hazrat himself);

As if the loin had put on the skin of a lamb.


To conceal his identity from outside view, 

He has made Meher Shah (instead of himself) the object of outward publicity.


Since he shed his light on the Lahorites (i.e., the people of Lahore, where the debate between Hazrat and Mirza of Qadian had been planned to be held),

Its shadow became reflected in Qadian.


The night became manifest because of (its contrast with) the day and the day because of (its contrast with) the night;

That accounts for the (Quranic) pronouncement; "We blessed the sign of the night..."


[Note: The reference here is to Ayah 12 of Surah XVII of the Holy Quran, which reads as follows:

(Translation) We have made the Night and the Day as two signs; The sign of the night we have obscured, while the sign of the day we have made to enlighten you, that ye may seek bounty from your Lord; And that ye may know the number and count of the years; All things we have explained in (full) detail (in the Book)].


What a strange phenomena that that "Shams" (Sun), with the help of the Ancient Light (of Allah), came to the help of the feeble one (i.e., Hazrat himself) with authority.


Thou (O Lord!) guidest or leadest astray whomsoever Thou wilt;

And Thou honourest or abasest whomsoever Thou wilt.


Thou art (close to us) like the pupil of our eye, and art thus not detached from us;

Yet how strange (it is) that bewail separation from Thee!


The eye of the lover grovels into the dust of Thy alley in search for the essence of life,


Had thy sacred name not extended its (helping) hand (to him), no one would have seen this besotted one (i.e., Hazrat himself) in this world (i.e., he would have been totally lost)


When the (humans) self recites the Name of the name - owner, the whole world listens for the sound of the caravan bell.


With thy grace thou bestowedst a name (and fame) upon the infatuated one (i.e., Hazrat himself);

Thou administered to him a medicine that contained a cure (for his malady).


He has therefore made thy holy name his constant recitation;

And has enshrined thy love in his heart.


Those dwellers of the alley of Allah; 

And those who are entangled in His hair-locks;


Those who bow in memory of the Brow of Allah Someone;

And who fall prostrate, intoxicated by the site of His moon-like Face.


His love has infatuated both the worlds (i.e., this world and the Hereafter);

With the result that they have laid their eyes in His path (in an effort to reach Him),


In particular, that cypress of the garden of God, that the holy eagle, that exalted sun (all allegories for Khwaja Shamsuddin).


Now finish off this disjointed tale (of love), O my heart!

My salam to thee, O my full-moon, my Shams!

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