I can still see ( with the eyes of my heart) those hallowed trees of the beloved( 's territory);

Where we spent, in happiness, dark nights in each other's company.


He (i.e., Allah) is nearer than the nearest, and farther then the farthest.

We have explored all the far corners of the universe, 

and discovered without a shadow of doubt that He alone-and none else whatsoever-has any real existence.


Seeing the day merged into the night (with unchanging regularity), 

we have grasped the meaning of (the Quranic words) "Everything is perishable". 

We have thus seen "everything" in "nothing" through these imperceptible portents.


If I say : I cannot see Thee, then who is it that exists?

When it is thou that appearest every where, who else can I refer to (except Thee)?


(For me) de-anthropomorphism has become at one with anthropomorphism, 

leading to the merger (in my view) of the Ultimate Truth (i.e., Allah) into one Entity; 

All this (spiritual elevation) is due to grace of Hazrat Ghaus-e-Azam (R.A), our patron and benefactor.


(Forlorn in love), I am going about crying, with the locks of the beloved curled around my neck; 

I have turned pale and green (in this state), and all (former) ruddiness and flush have departed.


Every moment of my life, I yearn for Thee and wait for Thy appearance.

Alas, O Loved-One! Thou hast left me alone, breaking all pledges of fidelity and devotion.   


Thou gavest me a momentary glance, 

and then disappeared leaving me in tears for the rest of the night.

My eyes then rained (tear) like dark clouds;


Thou graciously granted my wish (for thy sight) during sleep (i.e., in dream);

Now also be kind enough to comfort me by showing thy beauty while I am awake.


My heart and eyes, which are like courtyard and the house respectively,

Both wait (longingly) for thee;

Be gracious enough to pay a visit while I am still alive, 

For only then can I have solace and happiness.


Look at Him (to your fill), O my eyes! 

For life is transitory (and may end any moment) 

only the fortunate ones would be able to see Him again.


All this (lofty spiritual state of mine) stems, without a shadow of doubt, 

From the grace and bounty of Syedna Ali (R.A). 

This is why I can still see (with the eyes of my heart) those hallowed trees of the beloved( 's territory).

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