I am the victim of that delicate moon-life beauty;

A prey to that crafty beloved.


The memory of his dark eyes has darkened my days;

The arrows of his eye brows have pierced my heart as thorns.


His scattered locks of hair have made a nomed of me;

The scripture of his countenance has provided me with signs of God.


Love has penetrated my being like the aroma in the rose;

He is in me and I am in Him; this is one of my secrets.


I have not even once set foot outside (my abode), 

yet how strange it is that my feet are riddled with blisters (as if from long walks barefooted), and I have been ceaselessly on the move.


Ever since I gained knowledge about (attributes of) the "gate of spiritual knowledge: (i.e., fourth Righteous Caliph Syedna Ali (R.A);

I have been enamoured with love of that "charging lion" (another honorific title of Syedna Ali (R.A))

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