Extracts from Babuji’s (R.A) letters to his sons

Letter 1: Dated 26.04.1936

“Lead a life like His servant. Since you are my dear one, I cannot imagine of a better advise than this that may you become His alone. I always tell you about the way you must proceed, so that you may not encounter any difficulty. It is my sincere wish that may you spend your whole life in his way – this world is a place of afflictions. This is the time to sow, the season for gathering the crops is ahead. In case you do not sow now what shall thou reap later on?”

Letter 2: Dated 12.10.1936

Babuji (R.A) in his letter addressed to his sons who were studying in Bahawalpur and experiencing the pangs of separation from their hometown Golra, wrote as under in reply:

“In reality our country is different from what it is and where we have to go one day – where ever we may be in this world of vision, we are strangers. You have been sent to seek and acquire knowledge so that it helps you there. Your country is different and so is your objective. Always keep in mind your Real Town. Rumi’s works refer to a similar cosmic consciousness of the lover for whom north and south make no difference.

Translation: “We are bound for heavens … for that is our country”.

Letter 3: Dated 16.01.1938

“Don’t seek from Allah anything except Him. Purification of the heart cannot be achieved until lust, passion and all sensuous ideas have been wiped/removed. Keep His memory in your heart and do not allow anything else to have a place in your heart. You have come into this transitory world with a purpose – remembering Him – but – that action must be a real one, characteristic of your heart and not of the tongue. Give your heart to Him. You should become His in all sincerity whether He accept you or not. You are His servants and He the Master. He will do as He pleases. You should remain contented with his wishes. Try to please the master every moment. Don’t forget Him even for a second. 

Letter 4: Dated 08.09.1938

Babuji’s (R.A) prayers for his sons: “I pray that Allah may approve of you and your brother as His own and engross you deeply in His love. May Allah take you soon to the hidden destination (Manazil-e-Batni) as He has enabled you to reach the outward destination. I pray in all sincerity that Almighty may enable you to tread on the straight path.”

Letter 5: Dated 11.09.1938

You have arrived here to establish link/relationship with your Creator. In reality, this relationship has already been established from the beginning and the promise made on the day of 'Azl' needs to be fulfilled – it is your duty. He likes humility – hence present this before Him. The approval of a servant is humility and self-abasement. Life without worship and service to Him is shameful. 

Letter 6: Dated 12.10.1938

In his letter, Babuji (R.A) quoted the following verses to further guide his sons:

“Keep the vision of the real friend before you day in and out. Forget and annihilate yourself – absorption in Him is the final stage. O! my son, only righteous deeds will survive. O! the light of my eyes, every moment do I seek from Allah for you a state of being with God forever and forgetful of your self so that my soul may obtain after my death, reward and His benevolence because of you; and the Most Gracious One lightens up my grave because of you.

Remember Allah day in and out till the narrations become a part of your breath. O! the enlightened soul, the best zikr (act of remembering) as stated by the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) is: “There is no God except Him”.

Letter 7: Dated 03.11.1938

Babuji (R.A) wrote to his elder son Hazrat Ghulam Muinuddin, “ Never forget the welfare of your brother (Shah Abdul Haq).”

Letter 8: Dated 21.11.1938

“May He be your Protector and His righteous persons be the sailors of your boat. May you live under their patronage, and their love fill your heart and soul, and that when you leave after achieving success you may possess a good and noble character and obtain prayers of the people, and serve them whole-heartedly, and do not feel any vanity and be not self conceited.”

Letter 9: Dated Dec 1938

“Time is precious. Spend it in remembering Him who has given you this time. Your heart will remain alive. He who hath attached his heart to Him, never dies. This world is transitory. Present your heart to Him.”

Letter 10: Dated 10.03.1939

“Teacher’s orders must be treated as one of the obligations and prayers be secured from them”.

Letter 11: Dated 06.06.1939

Babuji (R.A) wrote to his sons who were students in Jamia Islamia, Bahawalpur… “Your grandmother sheds tears for you due to separation… but it is his duty (Shaikh-ul-Jamia Sahib’s) to see to your proper upbringing and education. Hence he is compelled not to accept the instructions to bring you back to Golra. Work hard to complete your studies and to put into practice whatever you are learning. Concentrate solely on your studies and avoid all other distractions”.

At another place he said: “Give top priority to the pleasure of Allah and His Prophet (P.B.U.H). He is the Real Master and solver of all problems. Keep relationship with the view that all people are His creation. He brought you out of Nabood - non-existence. Utilize your God-given intellect according to Allah and Holy Prophet’s (P.B.U.H) orders and tread the path of the early righteous Muslims.

Letter 12: Dated 03.09.1939

Babuji (R.A) wrote to his elder son Ghulam Muinuddin:

“Keep the welfare of your dear brother Abdul Haq always in your mind and request your honourable mother for prayers. Start visiting her daily along with Abdul Haq. Pay respects to aunts and seek their prayers daily. Present respect to uncle.

Further he wrote, “Remain firm in your faith, pick up persons from among Ahl-e-Sunnah and refrain from bad people.”

Letter 13: Dated 21.11.1939

Babuji (R.A) in his letters asked his sons to seek answers to the question:

“What is your destination and where have we to go? What have you to do? You should seek knowledge but for him. Live for Him, die for Him; you should live for Him in all respect.”

“Don’t give it (this world) a place in your heart, otherwise you will undergo a loss. Deal with it in a passing way. But there are rules for that also which should be kept in view.”

Letter 14: Dated 24.02.1940

This letter refers to not sending them to Golra as demanded by Babuji’s mother:

“To obey mother’s orders is a sacred duty but keeping in view your studies and spiritual welfare, I have borne this loss for the Day of Judgment for your sake.”

Letter 15: dated 17.09.1940

“The condition of your grandmother is serious but as it is a question of madressah, and the problem of not getting leave, I have left it to the decision of Shaikh-ul-Jamia Sahib.”

Letter 16: Dated 05.10.1940

On learning about his dear son Shah Abdul Haq’s illness Babuji (R.A) who was greatly worried, wrote the following verses:

"O! Allah in the name of Muhammad (P.B.U.H) for the sake of his tresses cast away the evil and protect him from every calamity. Be the ill-wishers rooted.”

Letter 17: Dated 09.10.1940

“This world is not everlasting. No trust can be placed in it. To lay trust on it and to work for it all the time is sheer stupidity. The heart should be attached to One who is worthy of it and who is ever living – the Real Master, the Bestower of things. Despite our disobedience, He grants us bounties. He does not retaliate but showers mercy: 

At one other place in his letter, Babuji (R.A) added: “I place you under His protection who is capable of it. His blessings be upon you always.” At the end of the letter Babuji (R.A) wrote “ An unfortunate grieved person:

Translation: “A wind blew from some hidden corner and destroyed the garden of my happiness – only a branch of my grieved-self called heart, remained green.”

Letter 18: Dated 14.01.1941

In his letter, Babuji (R.A) advised his sons to respect everyone and try to make them happy but not to such extent that their selves get annihilated at the hands of the cunning and the deceitful. Since they are on a journey they must select good/noble people as their companions e.g., Awlia-e-Allah as the saying goes: Seek their good wishes and prayers.”

Letter 19: Dated 24.09.1941

In his letter Babuji prayed, “May your life and death be for your Real Master – Amen. Our worry is of no use. Remedy lies in His hands. May He be your protector in whose protection you are”.

Babuji (R.A) further said, “ May Allah grant you intellect”.

Letter 20: Dated 09.10.1941

When you realize that this world is transitory and short-lived, you would not feel worried or unhappy.”

Letter 21: Dated 19.11.1941

“Establish relationship with “Ghalib” – the most powerful (Allah) so that you become “Ghalib” (over-powering)”.

Letter 22: Dated 28.11.1941

In his letter Babuji (R.A) prayed:  “Trust Allah who is Ghalib on all – (over powering). May Shafi-e-Mutlaq grant ever lasting health inwardly and outward, to Shah Abdul Haq”.

Letter 23: Dated 04.02.1942

In his letter Babuji (R.A) advised, “You should treat well everyone and think them better than yourself. Deal politely and regard each one as the creation of your Lord. It is your first and foremost moral obligation to serve the friends and followers of Hazrat (R.A) and the general public. May Allah save you from “Sahibzaadgi” as you are not “Sahibzaadas” but “Ghulamzaadas” (sons of a servant). May you arise on the Day of Judgment with a badge – “His servant”. Babuji (R.A) further advised his sons to strictly avoid anything which may bring a bad name to Hazrat Syedna Pir Meher Ali (R.A) – since people knew them because of Hazrat (R.A). To bring a bad name to their masters is a gross misconduct.”

Letter 24: Dated 24.05.1942

About the examinations Babuji (R.A) asked them as to how good they say that they had done well in their exams; did they check their answers with their teachers and books. He further directed them to send the copy of the essay written by them so that he could check it himself. Such was the meticulous care exercised.

Letter 25: Dated 02.06.1942

“Dastagir be your Dastagir (Helper). Moin be your Moin (Supporter). Be the true servants of His creation. Wear the robe of Abudiyat, His service. Respect elders and bless the children. Render help to invalid people as best as possible. Lead a life in a realm of divine hope and fear. Remember Him every moment. Look at your own faults and do not look to the faults of others.”

Letter 26: Dated 18.02.1943

Babuji (R.A) wrote, “May love and loyalty be your companion. Wherever you go ay peace and happiness accompany you everywhere. May you return successfully after completing your studies and then serve well the Darbar. Langar service in the name of Ghaus-e-Azam (R.A) – free kitchen, is a worship in the true sense of the term; and thus may gain welfare of both the worlds.”

Letter 27: Dated 24.10.1943

Talking about the world Babuji (R.A) wrote: “The material world is a material world after all. It has no stability. It has not been loyal to anyone before and will not be so in future. Only Allah’s friends have dealt with it properly – it was not able to entrap them in its snares. May Allah protect you from its trap. One’s own carnal self (Nafs-e-Ammara) is the worst enemy and one must be vigilant.

Letter 28: Dated 11.04.1944

“May love of Allah and His Prophet (P.B.U.H) fill up your heart and veins – May Allah grant you Holy desire and enrapture your soul”.

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