Excerpts from letters of Hazrat (R.A) to Babuji (R.A) 

As was to be expected from on-the-spot family situation, Hazrat Babuji received his spiritual initiation and grounding at the hands of his great father, Hazrat Syedna Pir Meher Ali Shah (R.A). His own God-given qualities of head and heart enabled Babuji to derive maximum benefit from the unique opportunity thus afforded, and to traverse and attain untold spiritual heights. Besides the benefits that flow imperceptibly from the constant company and attention of distinguished personality like Hazrat, the letters which Hazrat wrote to Hazrat Babuji at Golra Sharif during his own travels to out stations also helped the initiation process. Excerpts from some of these letters are reproduced in the succeeding paragraphs.

Letter 1

Dear son Ghulam Muhyuddin!

Being the pupil of such a kind teacher and incomparable scholar ( as Maulana Muhammad Ghazi) is a great bounty of Allah and to act on his advice and instructions is a sure key to success...in every thing and at all times, devote your attention to Him (i.e., the Great Good Lord), and look up only to Him for the fulfillment of all your means. His Graces and bounties upon His creatures continue to flow from the mother's womb onwards throughout ones life. One cannot thank Him enough even for just one of His myriad favours, viz., that he keeps forgiving our sins and lapses despite being aware of every one of them. Eternal bliss can, therefore, be acquired only by pleading for his Grace and Mercy. The sincere bondsman of Allah derives pleasure, not so much from the attainment of his objectives as from just stretching his hands before Him in supplication; the former amounts to breed, while the latter constitutes true worship. As one of Allah's true slaves has said :

"Seeking one's desires (from Allah) soils the hearts of the lovers (of Allah); in the solitude where I am now, even remembering the Friend (i.e., Allah) amounts to effrontery."

Letter 2

"O slave of Ghaus-e-Azam (Muhyuddin)! just think and ponder over ( the manner of) thy creation."

"The world of Creation and the world of Command has been combined in thy person; thy body is (a) created (entity), while thy soul is (from) the command (of thy Lord)."

"The higher universe (i.e., cosmos) has been epitomized (by Allah) in thee; that I why thou art referred to as the "mini universe". "

"Thy great ancestor (Adam) was made "the whole", while the angels were made "a part of him". That was why the angels were ordered (by Allah) to prostrate themselves (before Adam)."

Letter 3

Dear son Ghulam Muhyuddin!

You should strictly observe the following things:

1. Punctually and regularly attend the lessons of the class; 

2. Sleep at night at home in my room;

3. Carry out the prescribed recitations regularly;

4. Make it a point to go home after finishing your daily activities outside of it;

5. Consider participation in congregational prayers as more important than everything else;

6. Take care of the students in the madressah in every way. 


Letter 4


Dear son Ghulam Muhyuddin!


Look after the affairs of all family households and the guests arriving from time to time. Attend Friday prayers and other congregational prayers with strict regularity. Take care of your respected teacher, and provide for all his needs in advance. In particular, look after his health. Take good care of Qari (Abdul Rahman) Sahib, too; let not any uncouth local person treat him unbecomingly. You should not be so soft and mild as to tempt others to harm you, nor so harsh to repel others.


Letter 5


Dear son Ghulam Muhyuddin!

Translation: "I do not ask thee to forsake the world; only by with God, i.e., remember Him wherever thou mayest be."   

Despite the differences of language in this world, the Real Talker is only One (i.e., Allah). There is no one who will in habit this (created) world forever. Indeed no one exists in real terms except Him. His light shines forth from everything, and His knowledge encompasses all.

On other occasion Hazrat exhorted Hazrat Babuji to meticulously two things in order to truly follow in his footsteps, viz. : 

(i) remain always in a state of Wazu (i.e., ablutions) and ;

(ii) devote himself selflessly to the service of humanity and consider himself as one of them.

Thanks to the close attention given by Hazrat (R.A) to his proper education and upbringing, Hazrat Babuji assiduously cultivated in himself all the attributes worthy of a true man of God, and in course of time proved himself a deserving successor of Hazrat (R.A) in all respects. Hazrat naturally felt happy and gratified at his gifted son's progress, and gave expression to his happiness in a suitable manner as and occasion arose for this.

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