Letter to Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan, the then Prime Minister/Governor

This is the English translation of the letter written by Hazrat Babuji (R.A) to the then Prime Minister/Governor Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan which shows Hazrat Babuji’s (R.A) personality – his straight forwardness and his self respect:

“All Praise be to Allah".


"The Divine Lord – Worthy of all prayers – unwarily He ruleth all – (non but He alone)".

"The seen (visible) took birth (originated) from the unseen (the invisible) and once more submerged into it".


"May Muhammad’s “Maikhana” (tavern) thrive forever".

My worthy and honourable Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan Sahib, Be Allah’s blessings on you (regards).

Your sympathetic account (letter) reached me and thus revealed the conditions prevailing. By the Grace of Allah, the power entrusted to safeguard Islam – the perfect religion and the love granted by Him for Islam, I express well wishes and my readiness to sacrifice all in the name of Shariah-e-Muhammadiyah. About rest what can I say except: “If I utter a word, I face discomfort and in case otherwise, the ill-ease increases.” If I were to convey to thee the heart-rending plea of all those people whose lives are caught in the deep shadows of cruelty/misery and helplessness, I am tagged as a culprit and if on the other hand, I attempt to convey words from thine, they tend to rise hue and cry. Difficult times have befallen and along with Sabr-o-Istaqlaal none else than He the ever-lasting ruler, remains the succour.

‘Mehrbana’ (my dear) you’ve stressed in thy ‘farman’ (letter) that the people may rightly be guided. Maintaining a similar stance, I am forced to plainly/openly remark to you that “Khalq-e-Khuda” be as well inspired to protect and guide the abode (Makasn) you intend to; primarily, attention be devoted to check and secure the foundations of this abode which have crumbled away against all sort of cruelty/atrocity, illegitimate and unjust rendering of human rights. In case otherwise the persistent evils would ensure the final demolition of this abode. For such times the Arif has well advised: If you want your reign to last in glory, never ever permit the practice of evil/cruelty. He who kindles the fire of atrocity in this world, excites/(invites) piteous shrieks/ on the basis of power granted, don’t maltreat the helpless (miserable). Recall the final abode/ don’t close your eyes to the cruelty prevailing/ don’t ignore the sigh of a burnt out heart. Hence my sympathizer by right of the status granted, it remains your foremost obligation to remove such cruelties so that both of the parties may be saved the extra effort, and people out of free choice get drenched in its love and come forward to guard and protect this abode where there temporary life had been well-spent, and thus will be ready to sacrifice their lives for its sake.

Well, I have clearly stated the things which I thought were proper – the rest is up to you. Whether you pay heed to them or not… the help from you in this case (in consideration to your status) nurtures no lame excuse. May God grant you, and all of us the ability to do good and thus with His blessings.

Your sincere well-wisher but a short-lived traveler,

Ghulam Muhyuddin from Golra.

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