Family life of Hazrat Babuji (R.A)

A microcosmic unit provided basis for a far wider and broader macrocosmic existence of an individual – the “family” unit sustains an immense value in the initial pruning as well as the final revelation of a true personality – it serves as a touchstone. An individual becomes what he is not simply by what he does and how he does it but to what extent he maintains a balance between what he does as a father, as a brother, as a son, a husband, within the house, and as a spiritual leader, and a guide without.

Babuji (R.A) emerged as a perfect emblem of spiritual grace, love, affection, sincerity in all his roles – an embodiment of Shariah itself.

An extremely obedient soul well groomed by Syedna Pir Meher Ali Shah (R.A), Babuji's (R.A) worth as a son has already been mentioned in the Hazrat’s memoirs section. As a father himself, Babuji’s (R.A) deep affection for his sons and the education and training meted out to them was exemplary. Looking after their needs and their welfare was as sincerely a duty done as an openhearted generosity extended to all those 'sangees' coming to Golra.

Such was the philosophy Babuji (R.A) followed and rigorously inculcated in his family members: how to greet the sangees at all times with sincerity and honesty and above all not to regard themselves as someone special or a “Sahibzadah” (son of a prestigious father) but as an ordinary human being no different from any other common man but in fact one with greater responsibilities and duties towards other fellow men.

Babuji (R.A) wanted his sons and family members to exist on their own account as servants of Allah deputed to serve mankind. He never encouraged rather despised, the notion of superiority even among his sangees, and hence strictly commanded his sons to avoid acting like a wordly dignitary, not maintain any egotistical stance- guiding, pruning; educating and training his children right from their infancy in accordance with the Islamic Shariah as Babuji (R.A) had received in his own times for his father Hazrat Syedna Pir Meher Ali Shah (R.A), was a task and responsibility well accomplished with grace and sincerity.

Babuji (R.A) had a great love and deep attachment with his family members. His generosity and patronage were extended even to his distant relatives, along with the financial aid given whether asked for, or indirectly brought to Babuji’s (R.A) notice. Babuji (R.A) never hesitated in helping out the needy. Babuji (R.A) would keep himself well informed even of the distant relatives.

As a father, Babuji (R.A) was par excellence. Living as a father implies an honest performance of one’s role as a teacher, a trainer- a moral and a spiritual guide who cleans and moulds each new individual to further strengthen the divine ties, thus grooming up each new generation to improve mankind in general.

Babuji (R.A) took meticulous care in the education and up bringing of his sons. After the death of Maulana Muhammad Ghazi, who had been appointed to teach them in the early stages, Babuji (R.A) got his sons Syed Ghulam Muinuddin and Shah Abdul Haq admitted in Jamia Abbasia, Bahawalpur, where Maulana Ghulam Muhammad Ghotavi, an eminent scholar of the Indo-Pak subcontinent was to supervise their education.

Babuji (R.A) was very particular about the education and training of his sons, and as such never favoured any break-ups in their intellectual and spiritual endevours – an unquenched thirst for knowledge was not to be left as a lingering phenomenon. Hence temporal distance, pain or suffering was not be bothered about.

Babuji (R.A) was very firm in his role as a father-cum-guide, and as such filial affection never stopped him from setting his sons aright from their infancy – in fact a loving father ought to be the sincerest guide as well.

Babuji (R.A) as a grandfather never let his respective duties and responsibilities escape his notice. For him, their education and character formation was the first and fore more task ahead. For this purpose, learned teachers and renowned scholars who were hard task masters were appointed for their teaching.

Babuji’s (R.A) role as a grand father was a model for others. He was deeply conscious of his role as a father figure who must inculcate the best of the humanitarian values as well as their spiritual purification and grooming up.

Young or old, male or female, the members at home were trained and educated alike. Along with the regular prayers and the wazaifs, what Babuji (R.A) was very particular about and enforced with great strictness was that the female members were supposed to look after the elderly female members at home. Those at home were assigned to look after the welfare of all those poor and needy women who came there to pay homage to the female members. Each person was a guest and therefore must be treated accordingly. Babuji (R.A) would personally enquire about the family members, their routine as well as the hospitality extended to the guests.

Babuji (R.A) was of the opinion that one’s children and family members, including the servants, must be looked after in the best possible manner. Their welfare needs and minor domestic guidelines must be as sincerely and seriously paid attention to as the welfare of the devotees. To maintain such a balance between his domestic and public life earns our sincere admiration. To be good in one role at the expense of the other is too limited a nature and temperament. Babuji (R.A) maintained such a harmony which reflected not merely on the training he had received from his father Hazrat Syedna Pir Meher Ali Shah (R.A) Sahib, but also on the future training and character-building of his family members.

His family members, distant relatives, almost each and every person would receive a personal visit and enquiry from Babuji (R.A) who would pay particular attention and bear the expenses of one who was sick or suffering. Babuji (R.A) was of the view that "recovery is a gift from God Almighty" while treatment is a code of the Prophet’s (P.B.U.H) sunnah – hence it must be observed.
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